Which WordPress Security Plugin Do You Use?

Securing your website is always one of those afterthoughts, until you or someone who you know gets some unwanted code or gibberish on their site.

This blog post published over on WP Beginner states their opinion about the best WordPress plugin to use for making sure this significant emotional event (that’s what I called these types of events when I was in the military) does not happen to you.

Their number one is Sucuri. I don’t disagree, however from doing some research on my own, it looks like Sucuri is the best paid plugin on the market. If I had to choose one for beginners that was along the lines of a freemium model, I’d take a look at iThemes Security. Sucuri has a freemium plugin in the WordPress plugin depot as well.

I know all of you are using a plugin in your WordPress maintenance routine, which one are you using? Did you agree with WP Beginner and install Sucuri?

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