Website Colors Can Get You Better Conversions

It’s always been a debate about how your call to action button message should read. Do I just use “Subscribe”, “Buy”, or some variation. After you finally decide on the words, what about the color.

I think we can all agree that colors do play a role in our buying mode, whether we realize it or not. The psychology of whats going on in the brain is still a mystery to me but there is science that says we can help our conversions along by simply choosing the right colors.

Kaumil Patel posted on Green Geeks:
When it comes to developing a successful website, it takes more than just slapping some images onto a colored background. In reality, a good design has more to do with website color psychology than what you might think.

As I started my journey developing websites, one of the hardest tasks was coming up with a color scheme. Although this can get overwhelming, Kaumil post provides some basics as to why we should pay more attention to colors we choose for our audience.

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